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Osage Indian Headright Matters

Most people are confounded when trying to navigate through the laws and regulations pertaining to Osage Headrights. While the law is complex, our attorneys and staff can unravel the mess and guide you through the seemingly endless process. Our clients are local, national and international.


Guardianships are most common in taking care of minors or the elderly. An unlimited number of issues and problems can arise. No matter what your need, our staff is very experienced in this area of the law. Feel free to contact us to discuss your guardianship matters.

Wrongful Death

When someone dies unnecessarily, the surviving family and friends are left to suffer through the grief and resulting problems. Legal problems are the last thing you need. Our experienced staff and attorneys can provide assistance and guidance at a very confusing time. While we can’t take away the pain, we can help protect your rights during this time of your life.


Also known as a Last Will and Testament, every adult should have a Will. Younger persons with a child should have a Will to nominate who you want to take care of your child in the event you die. Older persons should have a Will to specify how your belongings are to be distributed after your death. It is vitally important that you have an experienced attorney prepare your Will to insure that it meets all of the legal requirements.


Small and medium-sized businesses need legal counsel from the initial plans to purchase an existing business or start up a new business. We have assisted many successful business owners in our 22 year history. We take pride in establishing relationships with business owners that lasts for many years.


There are several benefits of setting up a Trust. However, setting up a Trust to avoid the probate process upon death is the most popular reason to set up a Trust. The costs to set up a Trust is more than a Will. However, the cost of a Trust is significantly less than the expense of probating the estate.

Personal Injury

Whether you’ve been involved in an automobile accident or slipped and fell on someone else’s property, Hilton Law Office can assist in getting you a fair settlement. Call and let our staff assist you today.


Probate refers to the process where the court supervises the payment of creditors and distribution of estate assets after a person has died. There are many issues that may be raised and dealt with in a probate proceeding.