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What Is A “Power Of Attorney”?

A Power of Attorney is a document. The document authorizes one person to act for another person. In other words, the person who signs the power of attorney is making another person his agent, or her agent, to do things for him or her. If someone signs a Power of Attorney, he still has authority to do everything that he could already do. He’s not giving up his right to act for himself. Someone who signs a Power of Attorney can revoke that Power of Attorney.

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What is an “Attorney in Fact”?

An attorney-in-fact is a term that’s used with a Power of Attorney. An attorney-in-fact is an agent, or a representative of someone one who signs a Power of Attorney. An attorney-in-fact is not necessarily a licensed lawyer.

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Do I Need A Power Of Attorney?

That’s an individual decision. If you sign a Power of Attorney, you’re trusting someone else to handle matters for you. Whether you have someone you trust that much, is an individual decision.

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Can A Power Of Attorney Be Used Instead Of A Guardianship?

A Power of Attorney, sometimes, can prevent the need for a guardianship. A Power of Attorney is a document whereby one person appoints another person to represent him. I see alot of elderly parents appoint one of their children to be a Power of Attorney. In those situations, a guardianship may not be necessary.

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