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What Is A “Living Will”?

A Living Will is another name for Advance Directive for Health Care. A Living Will is, generally speaking, a form that’s been approved by the legislature of Oklahoma. If you follow this form, and have it properly filled out and witnessed, then the doctor is supposed to honor your wishes. A lot of people confuse a Living Will with a Living Trust. The two documents are totally different.

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Is A Living Will The Same As A Will?

A Living Will deals with “end of life” health care decisions. It indicates whether you want to be put on a respirator or whether you want to receive medical treatment at the end of your life, when it looks like you can not recover from the illness. A Will, on the other hand, is a document that takes effect after you pass away. It says who you want to receive your assets and who you want to be your executor. A Living Will and a Will are two totally separate and different documents.

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