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Do I Need A Living Will?

That’s a personal choice. If you have a strong feeling about: 1) what care you get at the end of your life, 2) whether you want to be resuscitated, 3) whether you want treatment, when it’s probably not going to be helping a whole lot to extend your life, or 4) whether or not you receive hydration and nutrition (water and food) through a tube. Those are the kind of issues addressed by a Living Will.

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What Is A Guardianship?

A guardianship is a legal process where the court takes away certain rights of an individual and appoints someone else to be responsible for that person. The person that has the guardianship over them, is called a “Ward”. And of course, the person who is appointed over them is called the “Guardian”.

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Does My Elderly Parent Need A Guardianship?

If they are a danger to them self or to others, then yes, they probably do need a guardianship. But just because they are older, does not require them to need a guardian. Age is not the determining factor.

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Can I Get An Emergency Guardianship For An Elderly Person?

Yes, it’s possible to go into court, on an emergency basis, and to get the court to appoint someone as a guardian on an emergency or temporary basis. Typically, there is a hearing a short time later. The person with the guardianship on them has the right to show up in court to object, or contest the guardianship.

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