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A Customer Isn’t Paying Their Bill. What Are My Rights?

Well, there are two or three things that you may be able to do. Normally, we recommend an attorney write a letter first to encourage the payment of the bill. If that does not work, then sometimes you may be able to file a lien. Small claims court is usually an option. Of course, a full-blown lawsuit may be the best choice for you.

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I’ve Been Sued In Small Claims Court. Do I Need A Lawyer?

Small claims court is set up for people that don’t have attorneys. You can have an attorney in small claims court and it may be helpful to you. Each county has their own small claims court procedures. In certain counties, it may be more helpful to have an attorney than other counties.

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I’ve Been Sued. What Do I Do?

Get an attorney and get an attorney now. There’s only a limited amount of time that you have to respond to the lawsuit. Usually it’s 20 days, but there are situations where you have less than 20 days, so I strongly suggest that you immediately get counsel.

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